About us



We believe that God loves everyone irrespective of their background, race, age or sex; and that he longs to have a personal relationship with each one of us. The Bible (which we believe is God’s instructions for our lives) shows that this can only happen when we turn from a life of wrong-doing & thinking and turn to a life of faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross in our place. 

It’s a divine exchange—His death, so you can live; Your sin (the abilty you have to do wrong) replaced by his holiness, your guilt removed and his forgiveness guaranteed. 

Wishful thinking? NO! a reality found to be true by those who join us week by week! 

So changed are we that we are prepared to discuss our beliefs with anyone who will listen, just to share with them the joy & peace that we have come to experience. 

The cross of Jesus has become so important to us that we want to meet each week to worship God, understand more about what the Bible teaches, and to meet together with others who believe the same as us. 

Why don't you join us & put our beliefs to the test?